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WELCOME to the Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS Users Group website. We are based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and our members are from all around the State. We will be hosting our meetings every other month. So mark your calendars now:

Click here for Past meetings summaries.

Date: Wednesday April 10th. Register Now


MNCL Cafeteria. 5520 Castleton Corner Ln, Indianapolis,


 4:30 Registration and Networking .5:00 program starts


Todd Myer, Apprication Engneer CSWE. Fisher Unitech.
Brandon Nelms, Application Engineer CSWE, CATI.

  • Agenda:

  • 4:30 Registration and Networking
  • 5:00. General Meeting- Peter
  • 5:10 Brandon Nelms. "The THREE ENVELOPES": 90% of the time when I get called in to consult on SOLIDWORKS problems I can put 3 envelopes on the table and the answer to the problem is in one of 3 envelopes
  • 6:15 Meal- You will be provided with vouchers to help yourselves at the buffet.
  • 6:45.Todd Myers. "Get the most out of SOLIDWORKS 2019"
  • 8:00 Door prizs and Photo-shoot


Past SOLIDWORKS User Group Events

Past Events Index (some have links to presentations):

  • September 2018. Flodraulics Group
    Brandon Nelms CATI " Understanding and using Evaluation Tools"
    Patrick McNamm, Flodraulics Group.demoded the free "MayTec CAD software"

  • June 2018. SMC North America
    Presenters: Ed Gibo and Rob Jost. " Understanding splines in the SOLIDWORKS sketcher"
    "x Design. Live demo." "Beer Geek Tips and Tricks"
  • May 2018. IVY Tech Community College
    Jay Jackson, Fisher Unitech.
    "Hybrid sketches for multi-body parts", and "The key to multi-body partconfigurations"
    IVY Tech
  • March 2018. Guerin Catholic High School.
    Student presentation
    Courtney Roemer CATI. "Design Tables"

  • March 23rd. Ivy Tech Community College.
    Jason Roth and Jamie Hamilton. Formlab
    Brandon Nelms. "Kinematics 2D sketching into 3D modeling"

  • January 15th. Gurein Cathlic High School.
    Madeline Speer, CATI "Getting the most out of SW 2017"

  • November 15th. IMMI
    Marlon Banta, DS SOLIDWORKS. " Motion Manager." and "SW Product Definition" - discussion group."

  • September 22nd. Engineering Innovations, Lafayette.
    Brandon Nelmes- "Visualize". Courtney Roemer "Toolbox"

  • July 18th, Warner Bodies, Elwood
    Tom Cote, Applied CAD Solutions:
    . "Global Variables, Equations & Linked Dim's"", "Understanding File Management and File Ref’s "

  • May 18th. Ivy Tech Community College.
    Bob Haff. Offsite Design. "Tips and Tricks"
    Ryan Cole, DASI Solutions. "Large Assembleis"
    Ivy Tech

  • March 22nd. Teppanyki Grill.
    David Roccaforte, Fischer Unitech "Simulation"
    Suchit Jain, DS SOLIDWORKS. "XDesign"

  • January 21st 2016. Guerin Catholic High School
    Student project presentationa and interactive lab work (5 projects)
    Ryan Cole, DASI Solutions. "DimExpert"

  • November 18th 2015. Teppanyaki Grill
    Gemma Walsh, DriveWorks UK. "All you need to know about DriveWorks"
    Phill Whitaker, CATI "SW2016 Rollout"

  • Sept 15th 2015. SMC Corporation of America
    10 Year Aniversary Award
    Richard Doyle, DS SOLIDWORKS- "Tips and Tricks" See PPP
    Avelino Rochine. DS SOLIDWORKS- "Weldment Certification" See PPP

    July 14th. 2015. The Hendey Group
    Jeff Niedermann, DS SOLIDWORKS. Improving Assembly & Drawing Performance,
    Sal Lama, DS SOLIDWORKS. Modeling Tips and Tricks".

  • May 21st 2015. Teppanyaki Grill.
    Roger Miller and Tiffany Kirkland "WorkWIse ERP".
    Josh Altergott, CATI, "Duck Tape & Bailing Wire"

  • March 18th. Global Plastics
    Doug Dlofinger, 3Ci GeometryWorks3D (SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner)
    Rajat Trehan, CATI. "Plastics Simulation"

  • January 22nd 2015. Bastian Automation Engineering.
    David Ondyak, SolidPartners ( A SOLIDWORKS GOLD Partner) "SolidParts" .
    Matt Herald, Fisher Unitceh,
    "What's New in 2015"

Bastian Automation Engineering

  • October 23rd. IMMI and CAPE Testing.
    Presentations by: Cheril Guntzviller "SOLIDWORKS Electrical"
    and Phil Whitaker "SOLIDWORKS Certification"
    Watch Crash Test Video


  • August 22nd. SMC Corporation USA
    Presentations by: Phil Whitaker, CATI- SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conseptual. and
    Avelino Rochino, DS SOLIDWORKS, Sheet Metal Certification Power Point.

  • June 26th. Dorel Child Safety Seat Technical Center, Columbus.
    GoToMeeting presentation by Jonathan Pietkiewicz.Sigmetrics, CETOL 6σ Tolerance Analysis
    Technical Presentation: Chris Snider, 3D Vision. The magic of "Multi Body Parts”
    June Meeting at Dorel

  • April 16th. 2014. Capital Industriec/ Selco, Indianapolis}
    Power Point Presentatio Linkes: 3D-Printing and Model Based Definitions by

  • February 20th 2014. Chesterfield Tool & Engineering, Daleville IN

  • Visit SOLIDWORKS World - Downloads, Presentations (2011-12-13), and Networking

  • November 20th 2013- HURCO


  • September 19th. 2013.- MJ Insurance

  • July 17th 2013
    Bastion Automation Engineering

Bastion Automation

  • May 16th 2013
    ZIPP Speed Weaponry, Indianapolis.


  • March 20tn. 2013
    Wabash National, Lafayette
    Wabash National

  • January 16th 2013
    Capital Industries, Shelbyville

Capital Industries

  • August 28th. at SMC
    Bertand Sicot, Richard Doyle and Elton Smith --
    Lots and lots of picture and video to be posted shortly, so keep returning to this page.
SMC Meeting
Presentation by Elton Smith- Survey Results, Computer Hardware: Large Assembly Performance

Video Presentation








  1. April 19th Meeting.
    Chris Snider, 3D Vision Presentation.
    See videos on Top Down Design
    This is our first attempt, so bear with the lack of quality.


The purpose of the Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group is to promote the free exchange of information related to the use of SolidWorks among the membership of the user group. It provides a forum in which the membership could assist each other in furthering their knowledge about and advancing their abilities in the use of SolidWorks.